Going Green is Keen

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Green cars on Regis this morning

Regis and Kelly show this am was hosted by Regis and Megan Malloley The auto show in ny this week has regis buzzing the wares. His last car shown on the am telecast was a mercedes number that was decked out for 16,500 and was stock at 11, 500. I want one. super cute eco car. 40 miles to the gallon. and cha cha like a great handbag only on wheels.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


economy astronomy the topic of money and how it matters is gonna be on everyones radar.
finding ways to conserve, reserve, and preserve will be the wave of this near future.

Monday, March 24, 2008

making a home green

starting with the building materials used in a new home or converting an old house to green the trend is in motion. solar power, lighting choices indoors and outdoors. making designated eco systems, providing waste recyle areas, water conservation. Many of todays home owners are looking to a new way of existing.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bus to Total Wine

Not gonna lie had to dash to total wine for low budget splurge of the senses
Total wine is a supermarket for winos. Love IT
Four a few bucks you get to sample vineyards of all kinds.
My four dollar day bus pass was worth the venture. I made the most of the trip and ate a lunch out as well as picked up some groceries to start my week out with packed lunches and prepared dinner menus.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Smells on the bus

One of the reasons people stick there nose up at riding public transportation is the reality of the public. My last night ride from downtown orlando on the number 30 to Valencia Communty College East campus was a prime example of the public gone wrong.

The woman entered the bus reminding me of my summer school english teacher. she let us watch less than zero and did not edit anything. She was drunk alot sure but she had a great sense of who we were as a generation. my point is that this woman was ms. little had it all gone tragically really wrong. she sat on the bus and within a few seconds the essence of piss and her vile soaked clothing of musk trapped the passengers of the number 30.

the woman exited a few stops later to the reflief of everyone including the back of the bus passengers who were now whiffing her freshness second linger. the moment she got off, the bus driver put it in park. went to the rear of the bus and opened a roof top ventilation window, went back to his chair and returned spraying the entire bus with a powder fresh scent. it could have been foot powder for all i cared it smelled better than ms i have fecal matters to share with everyone.

thank you smart bus driver.

public bathing houses should be erected in this town.

Friday, March 21, 2008

using recyled bag for groceries and other store purchases

i have aquired more than one bag to transport groceries. the limits of the bag or no more than two bags serves me in lighter loads when walking home as well as an awareness of not buying to much to fast. only buy what is truely needed to prepare a specific meal or snack. less waste for my body and the earth.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

have a car or not still need to walk and ride bus

Finally coming to a place of understanding about my transporation conservation.

Walking from my office for my daily work commute is best.
Walking laps around the lake for relaxation.
Walking to Publix, dollar store, drug store for basic needs.

Bus to malls and other shopping needs. Bus for trips to Kissimmmee and Sanford.

Car for covering productions in town and out for on location access.

Train to Miami, Tampa, Tally, Jacksonville
Car for remote locations

Go green is alot more than transportation. Transportation is where i am making decisions to take action.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My transistion of transportation

Myspace was my first online blogging outlet now with my own blogger account i can make more than one blog need focus as though they were seperate journals of my mindpholio. So this one will be officially the bus blog. i started to write on my my space about such adventures and escapades but now this will be the home of my bus blog. not to pin hole it in with a name for i plan to include my rail and plane adventures as well pblic transport may be a better title.
Stay tuned or shall i stay keep posting .