Going Green is Keen

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Taking Amtrak Orlando to Miami

I will be traveling from Orlando to Miami in the coming days to cover a film director at UM and get some cases from Dade County for my media stringer gig. Hoping to make travel through out the state more of the norm.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Economic stimulus check

Decided the best thing to do with my Check from the goverment was to invest in an Amtrak Florida Rail Pass. For $249.00 i am able to travel within the state of Florida unlimted for one year from the date of purchase. I purchased my pass June 11, 2008 and will be free to roam till June 10, 2008.

So far i have taken the train to Miami. The trip was a smooth five hour ride. Sure it takes an hour more than driving but i was able to read, and enjoy my headphones, even shut my eyes for a few miles just to relax. The seating on the train, even in coach, is very roomy. Definatly double the space of an airline seat. Big wide seats, Lots of leg room and an electical outlet per passenger to allow for electronic device or cellphone phone charger plug in. Unlike flying i could use my cellphone throughout the the trip. Another great deversion on the train is getting out of your seat and heading to the adjoining cars. You can go for a sit down meal with all the service of a restaurant int he dining car or you can take advantage of the snack car for a quick in expensive nibble or drink.

So far my experience on the train is a positive one. Miami has a large public tranportation system so it was easy to navigate from the Amtrak station to the Metro Rail and buses. Will explore more once i hit Tampa and use their public transport.